Stuff my mum does; crochet tank slippers

Zoe profile - winterI make no apologies for this article having a slightly gushy bent. Basically my mum rocks and she does cool stuff and it is time everyone knew. My mum is one talented lady, although she will strongly deny this and assume that everyone can do these things. Despite my mum’s best attempts to teach me her skills, I alas have no natural aptitude for arts and crafts and so I just take delight in admiring my mother’s creations.

What type of things does your mum make, Zoë? I’m glad you asked me. There is a multitude of things including knitting, sewing, cooking, baking, cake decorating and painting but today we are showcasing the gentle art of……crochet. What better way to showcase her talent than to show you a novelty crochet item – crochet tank slippers that she made Paul. Cool or what?


Crochet tank slippers

Crochet tank slippers


Soon to be all the rage, I'm sure!

Soon to be all the rage, I’m sure!

The master at work

The master at work






  1. kasey

    hi my boyfriend is in the Royal tank reg and would love these slippers! how much are they and could u do them in an adult size 8? x

    1. zoessb

      Hi Kasey,

      I can ask my mum, if you like – I’ll let you know how much they would be….



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