The German Bakery, Benaulim, Goa or where to buy good cake in Goa

I have never been a big one for the cakes in India. They are usually incredibly sweet, covered in white, um, it’s not icing exactly, more like teeth itching fluffy air. There are some extraordinary cakes like the one we procured for my sister’s 40th birthday last year. It was amazing to looking (mainly because it was purple) but don’t be fooled as the purple was just purple teeth itching fluffy air.



Purple cake. Enough said.

But now, change is afoot due to the tourist hub which is the German Bakery. Strangely, the German Bakery at the crossroads of the Kadar supermarket in Benaulim, Goa is run by some very amiable Nepalese chaps and as far as I can see, it doesn’t sell any German baked goods. Lots of croissants, muffins and yak’s cheese (yes, yak’s cheese). We did visit the German Bakery a couple of years ago and purchased a big slab of yak’s cheese (yes, yak’s cheese) which after the initial try, languished in our fridge. It’s not as nice as you might think. Now we are in Goa on holiday, we decided to make a stop for tea and cake. All I can say is that I am glad (for whatever reason) that we didn’t stop for tea and cake before. The cake is deeeeeelicious – very English (and not German) tasting. Paul likes the chocolate mud cake and I go for the healthy slice of lemon cake. I say healthy, I really mean hefty.



Oooooh what shall I choose today?

We ended up having a daily discussion as to whether we should go to the bakery or not (the not going was a very small effort on our part to be good). I think you can probably guess whether we managed to be good or not (I did say it was a small effort. Oh and we were on holiday).


Hurrah for cake!




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