Here we go again!

We left Goa in March 2012 and returned to the UK in a fairly fortunate state. Our home in Goa was paid up for the duration of our absence and we had the kind offer of accommodation at Zoë’s parents for the time of our stay.

The initial plan was to return for new visas and an extended stay involving work to refill the Corcoran account. Fortune continued to smile on us as just before our departure we both secured jobs, me at the Olympics as a Security Manager and Zoë at the World Service managing the decommissioning of Bush House. We had not even landed in the UK yet and we both had jobs starting the week after our arrival. Like I said, we were very lucky.

There followed a whole 7 months of adventures which we will both relate separately but I shall now skip forward to our return to Goa. We return at the end of October to the tail end of the annual cyclone that hits Sri Lanka at this time of year and go straight to our little house where everything is pretty much as we left it. It is at this point I should share the big decision that was made whilst in the UK – WE ARE DONE IN GOA! That’s right dear reader, after 3 years of learning the Indian way of doing things, of catching no fish and acquiring lots of new skills (sausage and cheese making, carpentry and Krav Maga) it’s time to turn the whole thing upside down, sell the contents of yet another house, load our trusty packs with the bare essentials and hit the road again. The thinking behind this comes from my lovely wife who had been considering “our” future and realised that we could continue to live in Goa as long as we did not want to travel elsewhere. In search of further financial security and opportunity to travel she compiled a plan which she then put to me. She later told me that she was quite nervous about bringing me out of retirement and back to the rat race. No need, let’s face it, who else would put up with me and being left alone in the land of cheap booze could not end well for me!

With typical speed we pack our stuff, give our cleaner the pick of the furniture and bequeath my tools and fishing gear to my mate Steve (hope you catch something mate). We lock up the house for the last time with a tear filled eye, hope on the scooter and head off for a Goan holiday.



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